• OFFTIME Pillow


    We carefully designed the OFFTIME Pillow for mindfulness, chilling, relaxation, meditation, outdoor fun, festivals, and even for pets (they absolutely love it=).

    Consider the OFFTIME Pillow as your off switch — as soon as you sit on it you will truly disconnect from the pressure and stress of your everyday life. If not right away, with time it will help you train yourself to take a few moments fo yourself! The specially designed OFFTIME logo printed on the top will always remind you it’s time to take a few moments for yourself 😉

    The OFFTIME Pillow is super comfortable yet sturdy enough to provide stability when sitting on it. You can sit on this pillow for hours without feeling tired. It’s made out of microbeads filling and very durable fabric on the outside. It is waterproof and stain-resistant (for most stains). You can use it inside, take it outside, and easily carry it where ever you go. It’s so durable we even use it for exercise 🙂

    The OFFTIME Pillow can double as a poef and even a coffee table (if you put a tray on it)!

    Get your OFFTIME with our specially designed pillow!